It’s a great place.

You can see why so many of our clients keep returning to our shores.

Katie, Thank you once again. Yet another seamless production. It is always a pleasure being able to come down under to see you. Your team gets better every time, and we always leave with a surplus of fond memories.

Barry Hughes

Executive Producer - Therapy Films

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Katie and Cherokee Films are one of the best production service producers in the world. She is very hands on ensuring everythingpromised in prep and more is delivered. We have always been very happy with ourshoots with Cherokee Films!

Jennifer Siegel

Executive Producer - Tool of North America

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Katie has mastered blending the requirements of US commercial productions with the resources available in New Zealand. She understands her competing markets and can outline the pros and cons of executing any production down under as well as put realistic price tags on things.

Amy DeLossa

Head of Production - Tool of North America

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I’ve shot all around the world and noone compares to Katie. She runs Cherokee Films to be more than just a production service, they become a team member with a vested interest in having your project succeed creatively and fiscally.

Jan Zislin

VP/Group Executive Producer - GREYnyc

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I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Cherokee Films twice in the past two years. Both experiences were as close to perfect as one can hope to have ANYWHERE in the world. Katie Smith runs her company like a well oiled machine!

Dawn Iacino

Producer - Form

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Katie’s background of line producing in the US gives her a deep understanding of US agencies and clients and our quirky idiosyncrasies and demanding schedules. She is genuine, funny and oh so smart. My only regret is that she didn’t produce the project I shot 9 years ago in New Zealand. I adore her!

Jan Zislin

VP/Group Executive Producer -GREYnyc

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