We’ve got the
whole world here.

Its little wonder that some of the worlds best films are being shot in New Zealand.

With majestic mountains, rolling green hills, luscious rainforests, expansive plains, high desert regions, magnificent fiords, beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, small rural towns and urban cities…

New Zealand has an enormous diversity of vistasand scenes that can double for a myriad of other countries.

Our seasons are the direct opposite of the Northern Hemisphere, so you can useyour winter effectively and shoot in our summer or vice versa!

The warmest summer months are January to March, while the snow season is best from late June to September.

The advantages of shooting in New Zealand are not just geographical…

The exchange rate of our dollar against most foreign currencies is favourable, and your dollar can buy so much more here, making for cost efficient film production.

New Zealand crews are also some of the most professional, enthusiastic and pleasant people you could hope to have on your job. They are backed by the best equipment available…Panavision, Arriflex, Chapman and Fisher.

And if ever there is a piece of equipment that can’t be sourced, be sure that Kiwi ingenuity will step in to make the shot work.

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